The raised, graphic pattern of the “Caviar Silk” wallpaper is reminiscent of flowing silk. Anyone who takes a closer look will be surprised to recognise black caviar, which forms arched structures and resembles a costly wall covering. The motifs “Chocolate Homage to Pollock” and “Caramel Oriental” can also only be construed at second glance – what drips, flows and creates embellishments on the canvas or wall is nothing less than caramel and chocolate. Nothing is as it seems: artistic from afar, surprisingly delicious up close.
Also Film noir, lobster couture and designer mushroom take visitors by surprise: 35 mm film strips roll up, assuming the shape of a bottle. Intensive red crustaceans form baroque wallpaper patterns, while a pair of lady’s legs peeks out from beneath the designer Ballchair, evoking an elegant mushroom. Tantalizing observers with several layers of meaning is a signature feature of Gosia Warrink’s work.
The symbols adorning the wallpaper Kamasutra Pictogram and Icon Safari recall ICOON, a picture dictionary for globetrotters developed by Gosia.