Who is about to move in your house? Is your favourite the elegantly shining caviar, the intensive red and baroque crustaceans or the airy design-mushroom? Gosia Warrink’s wallpapers are fresh, subtle and unique. And her hand-painted wallpapers turn to pieces of art by real paint applied by brush. Therefore, each length of wallpaper turns into a hand-crafted single piece.
A leading motif in her works is the play with several layers of meaning: Here, caramel and chocolate create a sophisticated netting, there, 35 mm film strips roll up, assuming the shape of a bottle. Your phantasy is touched cleverly. “Piktogramm-Kamasutra” inspires with funny image-creations and recalls ICOON, a picture dictionary for globetrotters developed by Gosia. Children find a creative playground on “Icon Safari” – the wallpaper is ready to be painted.
Her “Hand-painted wallpapers” extend the perspective on walldesign. A supposedly old-fashioned product as wallpaper is changed into something unique, with haptic pleasure and sensuality. Hand-applied colors creating shapes, layers, symbols and associations inspired by Art Brut, Street-Art or African graphic patterns, grant the observer scope for imagination, subverting and reframing expectations – creating a total work of art.